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Subject: Feature Request: Stop and Resume Capability
Author: Data Hero
Date: 11/27/2009 19:04
I would like to feature request "Stop and Resume" capability for HTTrack.

For example: you stop the downloading process > close HTTrack > shutdown your
computer. Wait a few days. Start up computer > load HTTrack > select "Resume
Stopped Download".

Then HTTrack should continue downloading from the position from where it left
off from last time.

Currently, HTTrack will either start all over again from the begining,
re-downloading what you already have, or it will delete your local copy. This
is not good. I see that lots of other people have complained about this in the
forum. So it is something that needs to addressed!

I know the standard response given is that you should only "Pause" and not
shut down your computer or close down HTTrack. But this is not feasable for a
lot of people. 

I would say that HTTrack's inability to Stop and Resume is probably it's
biggest weakness.

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Feature Request: Stop and Resume Capability

11/27/2009 19:04


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