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Subject: Mirroring real estate sites
Author: Jeff
Date: 11/30/2009 16:08
Hi all.  I am a relative newby to this, I was wondering if someone with
experience could give some advice.  I want to mirror some Swedish real estate
sites (;; plus all outside sites 3
links deep.  I am a small investor and want to record the listing data on a
weekly basis.  

These sites are huge - tens of thousands of house and condo listings.

Question 1) Can HTTrack realistically mirror such a huge site?Question 2) How
do I estimate how big the mirrored site will be?  Will I need to get a TB-size
external drive?Question 3) I have a mobile broadband connection that averages
6 Mbits/s.  How long will uploading one of these sites take?Question 4) How do
I check if robot.txt will stop me from mirroring?
Any and all answers really appreciated.


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Mirroring real estate sites

11/30/2009 16:08
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