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Subject: Downloading "aMember" protected forum
Author: Mark
Date: 12/10/2009 14:36

I'm a member of a forum that requires a hefty monthly subscription. I want to
download the forum in order to be able to cancel my subscription and peruse
the threads at my leisure. At the moment I'm wasting money because I'm rarely
reading the threads due to time constraints, but I don't want to cancel my
subscription because I do still try to read them now and then. 

As far as I can tell, from googling and testing myself, HTTrack can't get
around an aMember login. I'd be interested to know if someone has a way to do
it, or is able to write a script, etc. I'd be happy to pay decently for it as
well, if it works. My apologies if this sort of request is not allowed.

I can be contacted at

gmail dot com

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Downloading "aMember" protected forum

12/10/2009 14:36
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12/10/2009 15:32


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