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Subject: d/l messages from the group
Author: Tom
Date: 05/17/2002 14:26
i'll get to the point in very start!

i  want to d/l all messages from an yahoo group of which 
i'm a member - which means that if i want to go to the 
message board first i have to fill in the fields my 
username/password, then i will be transfered to the board i 
prefer! all past and recent messages r stored within the 
folder 'message' and URL is like this:


and within that folder, all messages are named with numbers 
(first message ever posted to the group is named '1', 
second '2', etc.), so the URL's are like this:


and i want to d/l them... but! HTTrack is not able to do 
this 'coz it says in 'hts-log.txt' that:

"Warning: 	File has moved from to 

does anyone have a solution for this?

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05/17/2002 14:26


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