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Subject: Re: Update Hack / Managing Mirrors
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 04/18/2001 21:43
> 1.) Sometimes a server returns a message ('system
>overloaded', 'temporary unavailable' etc.) without
>redirecting, ie. the filename doesn't change, but 

Argh - please limit the number of simultaneous 
connections, because this means that the server was 
overloaded by too many requests. For large mirrors or 
large image download, use 1 or 2 connection at time, 
this will limit the risks of overload. You can also 
limit the bandwidth, if you have a huge connection (T2 
and above - 50KB+)

> 2.) Managing of mirrors... the dropdown-list becomes
>quite unhandy when you have several mirrors and want
>to update them every now and then. Basically a
>listview would be great, with sorting by name, last
>update, size,or number of files?
Well, this might be an idea - among with various other 
things, like a "bookmark like" top index.html (with 
folders, and so on..)
But this won't be planned immediately, as I have to 
find some bugs (still can ot detect the bug someones 
have, with crashes)

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