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Subject: * * 3.20beta-6 version released (more fixes+IPv6)
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 05/18/2002 11:11
Several fixes (the famous hts-log.txt locked file bug, for 
example) and a new ISO9660 compatibility flag for CDROM 

Please test it if you can, and report any errors or 
crashes ; as this release is still very 'young' (the core 
functions were rewritten to support both multiple v4/v6 
structures and reentrancy, for example, and this may cause 
some problems)

Download it at: 

Release changes:

+ New: Un*x ipv6 support! (beta)
+ New: 'longdesc' added
+ New: new file 'new.txt' generated for transfer status 
+ New: ISO9660 compatibility flag
+ Fixed: The engine should be now fully reentrant
+ Fixed: Fixes for alpha and other 64-bit systems
+ Fixed: ftp problems with 2xx responses
+ Fixed: ftp %20 not escaped anymore
+ Fixed: hts-log closed
+ Fixed: Compressed pages during updates
+ Fixed: Crash when receiving empty compressed pages
+ Fixed: Random crashes in 'spider' mode
+ Fixed: bcopy/bzero not used anymore..
+ Fixed: various code cleanups

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* * 3.20beta-6 version released (more fixes+IPv6)

05/18/2002 11:11


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