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Subject: Re: patch for httrack-3.43-8
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 01/01/2010 15:38
> for the new gcc >= 4.3 it needs a patch
> (bufferoverflow)
> I: Statement is overflowing a buffer
> E: httrack bufferoverflow htscoremain.c:1610

This is actually a test buffer overflow to validate "a bit more secure" string
copy functions inside httrack. Not really a problem.

> I patched it this way:

I have patched this way to keep the internal lib checking test. The code is
only executed if you start httrack with the "-#~" argument (undocumented
internal test features), so this is not a bug.

            case '~': /* internal lib test */
                char thisIsATestYouShouldSeeAnError[12];
                const char *const bufferOverflowTest =
                return 0;

Can you validate that this makes the warning disappear ?
> and a second question according linhttrack-swf:
> is this prject dead ? or there can I get the newest
> sources ?
Not dead, but the swf library is currently considered "stable". I can not
publish the full sources, because of the utterly, incredibly, astonishly
stupid license from Adobe which prevent anyone from distributing the SWF
library sources, even unmodified
( I asked them to
get rid of the restrictions now that SWF is a bit more opened (specs have been
released), but they never did AFAIK.
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