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Subject: IPB forum session id
Author: zzzoidberg
Date: 01/05/2010 14:07
Hi folks! I'm traying download one IPB powered forum but with no luck for now.
The problem is that board returns limited number of pages per day. It
identifies user by cookies and/or ip address. To bypass such identification i
disabled cookies and use Tor (The Onion Router). But here is another problem
now - session id in url, it looks like this
"s=71f0825ba8263454f0999f8d694ae990" and changes every time when ip changes,
so mirroring will never ends.
The good news that pages may be accessed without session id part of url. So
the question is how to tell HTTrack omit the session id param in url? It is
possible?Please forgive my English.

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