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Subject: Help - wikitravel
Author: InGearX
Date: 01/06/2010 06:57
Hi I am going on a trip and it would be an indispensable resource to have an
English <> of the site with my on my laptop
(and Archos 5 and PocketPC...)

it's not that big - 28,000 pages

there is an outdated copy w/o images available at

and they are even suggesting right on the page that:

"Since there are no database dumps available yet you might try to use httrack
to download all pages."

I am using <> to download all of
<>* (English) but am having issues excluding other
languages and etc...

This would be a great asset to me and other travelers to have (I would post a
link to a .zip for others to get)

maybe you could try to download it and see if you get the rules/settings right
and then specify the exact settings used to succeed or maybe just post a link
to the .zip

Thank you so much...

PS so far my rules are:


but I am sure I need more... and somehow other external sites are included...

try it maybe you will get it right? if so tell us how... or just post a link
to the downloaded .zip :)

Thank you so much...

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