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Subject: Download question
Author: Hans Schlamadinger
Date: 01/09/2010 16:09

We are translation company and routinly receive inquiries to quote
translations for websites. Most modern websites include programming such as
php, etc. to minimize the effort to create/ update websites, etc. 
This means what is being diplayed in a broswer is compiled from several
sources or files.
We typically count words in the web filesas a basis for the quotation. Using
the standard HTTRACK download procedure overcounts the correct word count for
the reasons stated above. Is there any way to configure HTTRACK so it only
downloads the ACTUAL, raw source files instead of teh "assembled" html files?

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Download question

01/09/2010 16:09
Re: Download question

01/09/2010 16:32
translating for sites with dynamic pages

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