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Subject: Re: .rm files
Author: Phol
Date: 05/20/2002 18:47
Another suggestion:

An .rm file is just a text file listing one or more URLs.  Specifically, the
contents of the file in question
<> are as


In this case, these are realtime streams, which couldn't be downloaded by a
program like HTTrack - the "file" doesn't have an "end", so the program would
never stop.  Generally, any URL beginning with "rtsp://" or "pnm://" can't be
"downloaded" in the normal sense of the word.  Programs like Total Recorder
can capture portions of this stream, but that's different from downloading.

However, in other cases, the URL(s) in the .rm file may be normal "http://"
references, in which case they can be downloaded by feeding those addresses
into a new session of HTTrack.

(Or, XR can modify HTTrack to parse .rm files similarly to JavaScripts - I
hope I hope :-)
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