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Subject: Language Preference
Author: Juan Pablo
Date: 01/14/2010 19:26
I choose "English" as my preferred language for HTTrack usage, but the
application menus continue appearing in a substandard effort at Spanish. 
For example, when I open HTTrack, the first page I see offers me such options
as "Siguiente" instead of "Next." 
I am not a technical person, but I assume Spanish is somehow automatically
selected based on my IP address indicating that I am located in Mexico. 
This is only a minor annoyance, but it would seem there should be some way to
override the automated selection of Spanish and allow the user to select "All
English" for program usage. 
Since moving to Mexico, I have noticed that several programs I use are
afflicted by this overly-accommodating feature of presenting us with basically
useless "Spanglish" menus and messages - apparently resulting from the false
assumption that everybody in a given nation will be thrilled to see two or
three words of the prevailing language of their region as indicated by their
IP address. 
If there is some way to set the preferences to either "All English" or "All
Spanish," it would be a nice touch. The half dozen words of Spanish do not
really assist the person who knows no English, and are a mere distraction to
the rest of us. 

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