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Subject: Re: HTML file replications
Author: William Roeder
Date: 01/16/2010 22:54
> I have a html page "mysite.article.php?id=xxx"
> It is referenced from three pages, it was saved
> three times: [articlecf8b.html, article25d0.html,
> articlefa7a.html] However the three files must be
> the same!
Not necessarily. The ID=xxx was different so the content may be the same to
totally different there is no way to know. If you know then put in a filter.

> I think if the file was saved
> [], it will be saved only
> once.
Question marks and equal signs are not valid filename characters on some
platforms, so httrack uses a hash of the of the id=xxx and append that to the
filename articleHHHH.html You can also generate names like article_ID-xxx.html
with a User Defined Structure -
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