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Subject: Re: Getting images off a Blogger site
Author: William Roeder
Date: 01/23/2010 01:54
> When I look at the offline page it seems ok, the
> thumbnails to the images work fine, but when I click
> on them to view the full-size version it simply
> leads me to their online counterpart. I did enable
> downloading movie and image files in the filters and
> have tried many link depth variations (sometimes
> ended up downloadiing more than one blogger blog)
> but I am really clueless as to what's wrong.
Most likely, the full images links aren't images, they're external pages with
the embedded image.

I always run with no external=checked so you'll get a warning page before
going online from a mirror. You'll see the url and may be able to add a filter
to allow just those.

Depth limits how far httrack can go, but it won't normally go off site. A
external depth=2 would allow one external page plus related files plus other
external html pages without related files.
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