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Subject: Re: copy batched or split Online PDF
Author: roz
Date: 03/01/2010 23:57
>>Hello everyone. I have a problem that I cannot find an 
> answer to. There are massive collections of PDF's all linked together in
different directories. It isnt just one big PDF. I was hoping that I could
just save the PDF, but in doing this, it only saves the cover of the book. I
have been trying all kinds of website rippers and such, but to no avail. If
anybody has any questions or
tips on what I could do to completely rip this online PDF book to my
computer,please tell me. :]Here's the link
> > there are numerous pages in each clicked section
> or chapter. right click & save only captures the cover page. i am able to
left click & save each individual section only,which is tedious to do with
several books. i want to globally save in 1 shot. please help.
> If the site doesn't provide a complete pdf then you
> must download the pieces. Assemble them offline with
-----------------------------------------------------------the links are all
available on the site & i know how to merge a pdf. the problem is spidering
through the pdf & capturing/grabbing the links automatically. putting in the
main link grabs the cover page only. putting in the starting directory grabs
everything except the books. it seems to stop at a certain point. could you
test it out? thanks.
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Re: copy batched or split Online PDF

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Re: copy batched or split Online PDF

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