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Subject: Re: session passed parameters
Author: William Roeder
Date: 03/09/2010 19:28
> I try to capture a coldfusion based web site in
> which some pages have the same name and same
> parameter
> show.cfn?id=2
> by example on the first page of tables the next
> button has an HREF show.cfn?id=2 to see the second
> table

Httrack assumes page?id=N is one page and it won't redownload it.
If what you say is true then the site must be setting a cookie go give
different results. This is dumb since you can't bookmark a page and search
engines won't see additional pages.
The alternate is page?id=N is the main frame, the sub-frame is a different
url. Httrack should work fine on those types.
Give us the real url. We're not mind readers.

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