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Subject: Re: Cache bug?
Author: William Roeder
Date: 03/11/2010 00:25
> run 1 - site downloaded
> run 2 - site updated. old cache renamed "".
> "" contains only updated files
> run 3 - site updated again. cache from run 2 renamed
> "". files updated in run 2 are checked for
> updates. files not updated in run 2 are no longer in
> the cache, are assumed to be new, and get downloaded
> again.
> is this really what's happening? or am I missing
> something?1) You don't say what version you're using.
2) If the file were not in the cache of run 2, that means they were no longer
referenced on the site and deleted.
Possibly the site went down, or your timeout limits are too short (I always
run with timeout=300s retries=9) [or you canceled a mirror]
3) Httrack also checks file timestamps (see update hack) and if they change
httrack will redownload. This happens when a site is rebuild but the owner
carelessly doesn't copy keeping the timestamps (copy vs xcopy for instance.)
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