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Subject: Behaviour of retries
Author: Jarkko Koski
Date: 03/25/2010 06:31
I've been running httrack now for some time, getting almost the wanted
results, except for the timeout/retry handling. It seems that even if the
log says there is retry, I can't see that from the web servers log. when
using wget, the retries are clearly on the log.

My command is like:
  httrack <http://mysite/> -r5 -w -s2 -a -v -T8 -R2 -F "mysite-copy" --update
+*jpg +*gif +*png -mysite/nothere/* -no.mysite/*

I can see log entries like: '"Receive Time Out" (-2) after 2 retries at link
but when checking the web server logs, there's only one GET request.

Jarkko Koski

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Behaviour of retries

03/25/2010 06:31
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