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Subject: ASP link
Author: jr
Date: 05/28/2002 10:54
> The sites I mirror with ASP detail-link, I can't open the 
> pages in local because on the sites the file has an ASP 
> extension and HTTrack saves it with an HTML extension. So 
> in local when I click on the link it doesn't find such a 
> file.

>If using default options, httrack should rename ALSO links 
>into .html in HTML pages ... except if some ugly 
>javascripting is messing everything (which I strongly 

But I haven't this problem with WINHttrack. In fact, when I 
click on the link (local pages), the browser searchs an asp 
file and says me it doesn't exist (because the file has an 
HTML extension when HTTrack saved it). I have this problem 
with all sites I mirrored.
What can I do?Thanks for your answer.


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05/28/2002 10:54
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