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Subject: Re: Can only copy some of home page
Author: William Roeder
Date: 03/30/2010 19:34
> I've set the start URL as
> <> (the home
> page), set the "asp,exe" MIME type to map to
> "text/html", and set the inclusion of any links that
> fit ** .
Don't tell us what you think you did, paste the command line (log file line
two) do we know exactly what you DID do.

Why would you override asp and exe. a showImage.exe?ID=x is probably not a
html page. Those are in case of a misconfigured server. And in any case there
are no asp images on the site (only aspx)

Your inclusion of +** is needed, but not the reason you think. you
are starting at Pages/default but most of the links start at / (E.G.
/Fact-sheets-tools/Pages/default.aspx?role=employees) By default httrack goes
down only, so your override gets all links from that domain. You probably also
want any other files referenced from any domain (get non-html files=checked)

> But when I run the mirroring operation, it only
> creates an imageless copy of the front page, and
> returns a long list of errors that look like:
> 17:54:56 Error:  "" (500) after 2 retries at link
> (from
500=server is down.
I got no errors when I tried.
As for missing images, always run with no external=checked so pages not
mirrored will give a warning page and missing images display a question mark. 

Note some apparent links on the first page are not. It's a big form and
httrack doesn't mirror forms.
Note some images come back with errors from the css url(..)
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