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Subject: Title Text for URL List pages
Author: webdev21
Date: 04/01/2010 23:48
In my forum crawling saga, I interactively built a text file containing links
to each message on the forum. Then I used this text file as a parameter to
"URL List (.txt)". Now the messages are being downloaded even when they are on
the pages beyond the first page (my original problem was I was unable to
navigate to subsequent topic pages).

Now, each message thread appears as a 'site' in the downloaded site which is
ok for me. But each 'site' is labeled the same as the forum in question does
not change the page title to reflect the thread subject. What I need to know
is if it is possible to supply the text that should appear for each link that
I supply in the "URL List" file?

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Title Text for URL List pages

04/01/2010 23:48
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04/02/2010 19:22


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