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Subject: Is there an implicit -i option?
Author: Matthew Beermann
Date: 05/28/2002 17:44
Is there such a thing as an implicit -i option? What I'm 
trying to get at is: "if there was already an aborted 
session in progress, then finish it first, otherwise, run 
a new session". This is necessary since I'm running 
httrack remotely from a script, and I have no way of 
knowing whether the previous session completed 
successfully or not.

I think this may be related to some strange behavior I've 
noticed on my own machine: every time I run httrack to 
refresh my local mirror of a website, it /always/ deletes 
ALL the files in each directory, before redownloading them 
all afresh! Since some of the directories contain 
gigabytes of files, this is rather heartbreaking.

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Is there an implicit -i option?

05/28/2002 17:44
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