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Subject: Problems with resume @ dl
Author: Matic
Date: 05/28/2002 19:36

overall I love this program. I used it many times.

Yesterday I started with a new site. This site is huge.
I have a adsl line so connection is not the problem. 
Everything went OK. I was online for about 14 hours, when 
my comp. restarted due to unknown reason. So I restarted 
the download and the program is now running for 10 hours 
and is still updating yesterdays files. Here are the stats:
Bytes saved: 235.82MB 
Time: 10h,07min
Links scanned: 7781/28197
Files written: 8926
Files updated: 2773 (31%)

So there has been only 31% files updated in 10 (ten!) hours.
Is there no easier way (quicker) to update.
The worst thing is that it is still updating html files, 
which I don't even need (but it has to do that to find the 

Is there any other way to speed up this update, or I 
suggest in next software update, to include a simple 
resume, not to update every single file. You could create a 
stronger autosave, which would save the whole project 
detail and would resume from the last save.

Thanks for any help.

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