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Subject: Mirror folder_hierarchy_only option
Author: vmars316
Date: 04/04/2010 04:01
Thanks for your HtTrack. 
It IS quite awesome.
Is there or will there be an option to 
build (mirror) a sites structure 
without actually downloading files. 
Kind of like when I go to a site and end up in a DirectoryListing (of all
files in that directory) with a pointer to a ParentDirectory...etc..
The reason I ask, is because I HTTRACKed what I thought would be a simple
site. But I ended up cancelling it after 250mb of stuff. 
I would rather go after the site in a Preview mode, and then go after what I
needed on a subsequent run. 


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Mirror folder_hierarchy_only option

04/04/2010 04:01
Re: Mirror folder_hierarchy_only option

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