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Subject: site with login
Author: Sherry Lochhaas
Date: 04/13/2010 19:55
I'm trying to mirror this site, which requires a login with an email &
password: <>
Password: 1234

I've tried the Catch URL tutorial here:
<>. However, when I get to the
step to where I submit the login info on the proxied browser, it never shows
"Link captured into HTTrack...." It only says "Firefox is configured to use a
proxy server that is refusing connections." I've tried multiple times,
switching the order that I apply the proxy & login. 

I also tried putting my login info into the "ADD URL" popup on the Windows
GUI. Doing this created the line:
in the Web Address (URL) box. It doesn't work.

I've also tried the format as
This line popped up one time when I tried to capture the URL, and I'm assuming
replacing the "@" with %40 and the "." with %2e should. I've also added the
line +* in the Scan Rules to get the
rest of the site.

All I ever get copied is the login page, which doesn't log me in. Any

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04/13/2010 19:55
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