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Subject: HTTrack erased Files/Folders from previous session
Author: SeteCordas
Date: 04/13/2010 23:48

Firstly, thank you for your efforts. It's very appreciated! 

1) My doubt is that recently I've used the "WinHTTrack Website Copier 3.43-7"
version to make a complete download of an abandoned site which is likely to
disappear from the Web and, well, it was operating quite normally up to a
certain point. 

But, upon my second use of it, along came a sort of strange "overwritings",
most of which ended up in ERASING many files, not to mention complete folders
from the previous session. And nothing I could do helped to recover what was
erased, neither I was able to see the "why" of it, so, there's no way to
prevent it to happen again. 

I also checked the Size of the whole folder after the first use, and on the
second it was significantly smaller. Can't see the point of it. 

I frankly have no idea why the Software behaved as such, as there's nothing in
the Preferences enabling/blocking such actions. 

As I haven't found nothing related to it on the Forum - didn't bother to
search/read ALL of it, though - resort to post it, asking for a
solution/clarification about it. 

2) Additionally, I don't see the point of downloading ".tmp"s, either. It's my
impression such time would be much more effectively used to simply transfer
directly and in full the file, period. 
[Maybe it can be avoided in that
obscure-even-to-advanced-and-intelligent-users Help Section, I just didn't
find where...]

If you could lend a hand for these two points, I'll be very grateful. 

Keep it up! 



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