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Subject: Too-long filename causes error and URL is 'stuck'
Author: Michael Glosenger
Date: 04/18/2010 20:30
Overall, HTTrack is a great program, like wget only with even more features.  I
do have one question, though..

If a URL results in a filename that is too long for Windows to accept, HTTrack
will log it as an error.  But it also gets 'stuck'[?] as an entry at 'ready'
on the Actions: list.  Clicking SKIP doesn't do anything, or if it does it
takes a long time.

Is there some way to not have these entries remain on the Actions list, or to
have the SKIP button immediately remove them?  If nothing else they clutter up
the list, but maybe also they're not being completely cleaned up in general..

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Too-long filename causes error and URL is 'stuck'

04/18/2010 20:30


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