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Subject: Publish local website / fix urls
Author: Scott
Date: 05/14/2010 21:21
Sorry, but I searched and am not sure what question I should be asking to
start, so I am stating my goals in the in hope that someone will help.

I did find this, but was not clear enough for me:

I'm converting a joomla website to a static website. I've downloaded all of
the files. I'm applying a template to them, and want to republish them.

I've noticed that some page names have changed  (i.e.
services/webdesign/index.htm to index109b.html).

When I view these files locally they work fine with the correct page names,
but how do I accommodate these name changes when I publish these webpages
In other words, when I publish index109b.html to my live webserver and type it doesn't work. 

What do I need to do to make this work (replace my dynamic webpages with my
static pages)? 

Thanks in advance,


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Publish local website / fix urls

05/14/2010 21:21
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