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Subject: Re: customize HTTrack so tildes don't change
Author: William Roeder
Date: 05/15/2010 00:04
> I work at WiderNet, which uses HTTrack to mirror
> sites on a large scale.
> We understand the reasons you have for programming
> HTTrack to change tildes (~) to underscores (_) in
> folders from websites. Using tildes in folder names
If you are using a unix based platform, then a leading tilde on directories is
interpreted by the shell (/home/USER) probably not what you want.

> and we'd actually prefer all URLs to remain how they
> look online. 
Httrack is already rewriting links to relative filenames including directory
site/dir/ to file web/dir/index.html,
and absolute /dir/file or site/dir/file to relative ../dir/file.html so you
can't get that in general.

> Because we are dealing with so many websites, is
> there a way that we can customize our version of
> HTTrack so that it does not change tildes by
Xavier makes the source code is available. Shouldn't be hard to find.
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