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Subject: Problem downloading/viewing
Author: Cesar Jimenez
Date: 05/15/2010 11:44

I have a problem downloading the website

When the download starts, I find a problem: download speed is very variable
and very slow (between 10 and 30 KiB/s). As the website is so big, I can die
waiting. Why is this?
Once I'm dead and download has finished (after 2 or 3 days to download only
about 7 Gb - I've even downloaded much more in less time), I see that the
website has been downloaded wrong or I can't visualize well. For example, in
Cross Navigation/Themes, I can't access to the themes and articles. What can
be? So "strange" is this website? Should I enable or disable a filter to
download right? Maybe playing some advanced options (spider, MIME types,
identity, structure...)?
Thanks for all, congratulations on the project and sorry for my english and

Regards =)

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Problem downloading/viewing

05/15/2010 11:44
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