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Subject: Wiki-like page - its search function
Author: Derek
Date: 06/08/2010 23:49
So I managed to back up an entire wikipedia-like site. And it has a search
function on the main page. However, if I try to do a search it tries to fetch
the info online, and not locally. 

#1:  Is there be a simple way to change this?
I know next to nothing about building websites, but the best I can figure out
is that the search phrases end up in something called opensearch_desc.php
(which didn't get saved locally, for some reason).

#2: Would it be possible to change the HTTP stuff in HTML files so that
instead of pointing to (for example)
it would look for the locally saved search script
[i]C:\TheWiki\searchfunction.php ? [/i]

I know I could just use the Windows built-in search function but the search
input field is, like, *right there*.

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Wiki-like page - its search function

06/08/2010 23:49


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