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Subject: Does not download all images
Author: Rob
Date: 06/15/2010 01:11

I'm trying to fully download an open directory with images in it. HTTrack is
doing a pretty good job, but the problem is that with some pictures it has a
problem and does not download them. The log shows lines like this:

00:58:39 Warning:  Warning moved treated for (real one is

I think it might have something to do with an anti-hotlinking thing (or
something) that this open dir has. They want you to go to their website to
look at the pictures and when you try to open them through the open dir they
automatically refer to the minibanner.gif. 

So most of the pictures download just fine, but some of them get this referral

Hopefully someone can help me! Thanks in advance

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Does not download all images

06/15/2010 01:11
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06/15/2010 17:51


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