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Subject: write script to integrate httrack with web page
Author: oka_oka
Date: 07/05/2010 11:08
hi, all,
i am assigned to write some script to integrate HTTrack with web pages. below
are the requirements:
1) the web pages will be created by using photo shop
2) we will use php as well
3) by clicking some function from web pages, it should be able to call HTTrack
to perform some tasks.

For example, 
1) to nominate a website into HTTrack
- we will design some text box in the web pages, user need to enter some
parameter into the field. then we will create a button call "nominate", by
click this button at the web page, HHtrack should be able to add the website
into the list. 
- there is another web page to show the nominated web site list. this page
should be able to link with database.

2) to archive the nominated website
- using the same page as 1, we will have another button so called "archive".
by click this button, HTTrack should be able to archive the website. 
- there is another page to show the archive website list. this page also need
to link to database.
- by click the list, user should be able to view the archieved web site

Does anyone has some ideas on this solution? Please drop me email. My email
address is "" Thanks.


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