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Subject: Input forms and Estimating Size
Author: Nat Colley
Date: 07/16/2010 02:33
Hello all.
1. How do I handle input forms, such as drop down boxes? I saw here on the
site information about usernames and passwords, but this is more in terms of
filtering the available results thru the site rather than through HTTrack. But
I have not seen a way to tell HtTrack to input certain values. I tested it on
one site and it apparently intended to simply download everything regardless
of the input form. Which leads to my second issue....

2. Is there a way to estimate the size of a site before it is actually
downloaded? Some of the sites I want, I suspect, are enormous, but I really
have no idea until I actually start the download. The input form HTTrack
apparently ignores would allow me to limit the retrieval to, say, the last 5
years only.


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Input forms and Estimating Size

07/16/2010 02:33
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