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Subject: "Web Addesses (URL)" field
Author: Bandit
Date: 07/19/2010 02:03
> When I click "Browse website," the offline mirror
> opened. However, a typical link on the homepage of
> the mirror looks like this:
> <file:///D:/z_aikiviet_httrack/Aiki-Viet/external.htm>
> l?link=
> 27.7043908684/mldocument.2010-07-14.3507270178
> The link points to the online content. When I
> clicked on it, the browser opened the online (real)
> site.


Try putting both
in the "Web Addesses (URL)" field before running another update.

If I remember correctly, HTT will (re-)download all HTML files when it runs an
update.  It will also add/change links and contents as needed.  If the server
correctly gives HTT the last date/time a file was modified/updated, HTT will
compare that information to what it has in its cache and wil only download if
newer.  As I said IIRC, this only applies to NON-html files on the site and in
the mirror.

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