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Subject: get full-size images from thumbnail page
Author: Bandit
Date: 07/19/2010 05:04
> how to download all the images in a site in enlarged
> version not in thumbnail?

There is no simple answer that applies to this general (vague) question, but
as an example, if you were looking at a web page with thumbnails of images
that *link* (i.e. HREF) directly to the full-size versions of those images it
is very easy.

Say the site is
and the page you are looking at is

Go into WinHTTrack, set <> as the
starting URL and under options/limits, set max mirror depth to 2 and then run
it.  Note that this will mirror both the full-size images and the thumbnails
unless you do some more configuring, but I assume that is okay.  You may also
get *more* than you want, but without knowing the format of the site, it is
impossible to give instructions on how to exclude the unwanted info.

If it does *not* work, then we would need more details on the site/page you
are trying to mirror to help out, but the example above would work if the set
up of the page is as simple as given...

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