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Subject: Is httrack an dead project?
Author: mkmm
Date: 07/19/2010 11:44
httrack is (has been?) great software. I use it to archive a whole website to

Unfortunatedly recent versions are unable to make reliable downloads of web

Here my numbers (downloaded website)
Total files: 26553
"Corrupt" files: ~4545 (contain HTML error message)

Logfile has
4576 entries with "Unexpected 412/416 error (Requested Range Not

4576 entries with "engine: warning: entry cleaned up, but no trace on heap"

Maybe I have not counted all corrupt files (tested only pdf and jpeg).

I have tried program versions 3.43-9C (Windows and Linux) and 3.33 (Windows).
No one works. At least I succeeded with 3.32-2 which is from 2004!

So my question: How alive is a software project with its last working release
~6 years old?
See also: <>

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