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Subject: HTTrack affects internet connection?
Author: F Z
Date: 07/25/2010 11:00
Is it possible for HTTrack to have affected the ability to connect to the
internet?While copying a website, I lost some of my internet connection. I was
able to access a few websites (because I was able to access new pages on that
website) but I couldn't connect to most websites (eg google). This caused
HTTrack to crash, and I had to kill the process. After renewing my ip and
flushing the dns cache, I was able to restore it, but the connection continued
to drop afterwards and seemed to lose connection completely. (While other
computers on my router continued to connect without problems) 

Please let me know if HTTrack is the culprit for this strange behavior. 

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HTTrack affects internet connection?

07/25/2010 11:00
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