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Subject: redirecting seems to be not allowed
Author: Scintilla
Date: 07/25/2010 17:20
Deae Friend

I have observed a strange behaviour on some web sites.

Let's suppose that my browser (mostly I use Firefox) is
visualizing the page That page contains a link to and it works fine: when I click
on the link my browser really moves to

But when I store the link in a plain text
file for later use, pasting it in the addres bar of the
browser makes me get, no more as did before, a warning about
a processing request failure, instead.

When I try to get by means of winhttrack
the only achieve is a page not found message.

Please, can anyone elucidate the web site comportment and, if possible,
suggest a workaround for winhttrack use ?
Thanks for your attention.
Warmest regards


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07/25/2010 17:20
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