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Author: robbert barry
Date: 07/28/2010 12:34
Hello My Dear,
I know you will wounder who I am and why I sent you this message  
because you do not know me, It's for this reason that I decided to  
contact you by email at first for formal introduction after which we  
shall start to know each other better.  Please I will like you to  
read my message carefully to understand my reason for contacting  
you. My name is robbert barry am a Liberian citizen, My father  Dr.  
Saad barry  was a private doctor to President Ben Taylor in Liberia  
republic before he was assacinated  last year.
 With deep respect, I will like you to become my friend and future  
business partner and I want you to Assist me to come and invest with  
you in your country the sum of USA $8.5Million dollars  which my  
father left for me before he died.
 He told me when he was about to die in the hospital that he wanted  
to use these money to establish business outside my country.
 This money is in a trunk box which he lodged in the custody of a  
reputable property care & deposit security company for safety  
keeping but it was disguised as valuable treasures not as money  
because he do not want anybody even the security company to know  
about these money for personal reasons.
 Because of the problems I am having with my family members since the  
death of my father as the only child couple with the killers of my  
father, I will like you to assist me to bring these money into your  
country so that I can come out to live over there to protect my life  
and invest the money with you.
 If you agree to assist me please let me know so that we shall  
discuss your benefit before we can start the arrangement.
 I am expecting your reply, 
robbert barry 
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