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Subject: how to: make 'printable' before dump?
Author: Sam
Date: 07/31/2010 18:13

I have built a software product user's manual using our in-house Wiki.  I
would like to use HTTrack to capture this manual and make it part of the
release (our wiki is confidential, so customers can't get to it).  Our wiki
pages are all shown with a sidebar containing links useful to authors.  One
such link is "Printable version" which takes the current content and makes a
web page with only that content, no "edit" links in the content, no sidebar.

I would like to be able to tell HTTrack: for each web page you come to, if
there is a sidebar that contains "Printable version", do not dump the original
page.  Instead click that link and dump the result.

Is there anything like this in HTTrack?


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how to: make 'printable' before dump?

07/31/2010 18:13
Re: how to: make 'printable' before dump?

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