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Subject: Re: Bug? Escaping spider.
Author: Biep
Date: 08/11/2010 14:38
Having moved again I don't have all my stuff with me, but looking in what I
have I find lines like the following in new.lst:

20:38:56	57335/57335	---M--	200	added ('OK')	text/html
E:/I/Escape/	(from

But the downloaded copy of <>
doesn't have a link to this page, even though new.txt pretends it does.  (I
removed all /" *\+ *"/ from the page so as to check obfuscated links as

The way I discovered was because some years ago another download
with external=1 ended up copying that whole site (which is huge) in my
absense.  That was also when I became aware of the implications of this bug.
Because of the misattribution in new.txt I haven't been able to track down the
precise point where that spider escaped; the howstuffworks case is the
smallest example I have found so far.  Sorry it isn't cleaner.
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