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Subject: Re: Need just one URL
Author: Richard Latta
Date: 09/12/2010 13:46
Hello, I wish to download plain ASCII text files from the following nonlogin
webpage(s) <>
There are 8 subfolders after `davisbacon', one for each of the following
years; 2000,2001,2002,2003,2007,2008,2009,2010. I have not seen a file over
80KB in size. Some are less than 7KB. Unknown  number of files in each folder.
Possible htm link between text files and subfolder name--on a search, type in
two letter state abbreviation in capitals, for example (CA)+(1)-click on
search pressing Enter does nothing--result is list of file(s). The one at the
bottom or with extension ".0" is the original file. Any file(s) above it are
an updated version of the original. If a file is not available in the
subfolder, an error message will appear. Clicking a file on the htm link will
open the save file  for a file named (CA+number+"_r+number.txt" When I try
WinHttrack, I get an error message but the first reuslt is the screen saying
mirroring has been completed, then usually after I clck on the logfile, it
will say an error message about the nonavailability of the page. I can click
out of any app and click on the same url/subfolders listed above and
drag-and-drop a selected file from the htm list to my harddrive. Concerns are
max file limit of MS XP, these folders can have several thousand file each. I
am concrened about MS XP staying awake during any download. Any help would be
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