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Subject: cant view full website..plzz help
Author: bonnie jaiswal
Date: 09/14/2010 20:35
Im trying to copy <>
its already downloaded more than 1GB but only a few pages are visible(to be
exact only 2 pages of each word in the wordlist). when I try to browse it
offline i get this error

"Firefox can't find the file at

what is the problem and how much more download is required for this website
I only need the "WORDLIST" even if the other pages are not visible its ok.. 
can any one help and tell me if this website can be downloaded completely...
thx in advance

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cant view full website..plzz help

09/14/2010 20:35
Re: cant view full website..plzz help

09/15/2010 14:52


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