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Subject: Rewrite links internal/external
Author: Pascal Van Cauwenberghe
Date: 06/18/2002 11:41

are there any plans for an extra option Relative 
URI/Original URL ? Or could my problem be solved another 
I have a site which contains .asp files, which HTTrack 
turns into html files very well. I develop the ASP pages to 
generate content, which I would like to publish as static 
files. So far, so good.

But, some files must be published as dynamic .ASP files, 
because they process user input. All these files are in a 
separate directory, which I exclude. After HTTrack is 
finished, I just copy the dynamic files into this directory.


Because all links to this excluded directory are now 
considered 'external', they are encoded as absolute URLs on 
my computer. I would like to keep them unmodified, as 
relative links to .ASP files.

As a workaround I can strip out these absolute URLs.

Thanks for a great tool!

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