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Subject: A guide for beginners. Too many errors.
Author: Julian
Date: 10/06/2010 01:46
Hi. I have been trying to download a total web site of
<>, but I don't know the right settings (I use default
settings)to get a good mirror . I have the last version of this program, and
it's wonderful to download small sites, but very problematic for huge sites.
For example when I use the option "Download all site in pages (multiple
mirror)" I get a REALLY HUGE mirror, while using "Download web site" the
mirror created is smaller. 

I know how to download the torrents files in the mirror, but have no idea the
way to create a mirror with only torrent files.

Sorry for my poor grammar, I'm spanish =)


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A guide for beginners. Too many errors.

10/06/2010 01:46


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