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Subject: Unable to download DMOZ
Author: Frank de Groot
Date: 10/11/2010 10:54
I tried to download DMOZ but I found the following problem (bug or me not
understanding a feature) in HTTRack, causing an enormous nomber of 404's,
resulting in only a small part of DMOZ being downloaded.

I set the max. nr. of links to 100 000 000, to no avail.

What happens is that HTTrack appends a ".html" to URL's that do not end with
".html" but with a slash. 

Example where it goes wrong is the link

HTTrack appends ".html" and can't follow that erroneous link as a result,
yielding a 404. I have spent weeks to try to solve this, each time downloading
way over a GB from DMOZ, I even installed Linux and used the Linux version,
but every time the same problem, no matter how much I tweak the settings.

Before I bring down DMOZ, or before DMOZ folds, could anyone help me?
TL;DR: HTTrack appends .html suffixes to URL's that end with a slash, causing
false 404's.


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