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Subject: Re: .tmp files
Author: Matthew Ostrowski
Date: 10/16/2010 21:57
> > From what I can gather from the forum, all
> parsable
> > files are given a ".tmp" extension until httrack
> has
> > completed mirroring.  Is that true?> 
No. tmp are temporary binary files not the
> parse-able html.
> > What I would like to know is this: is there any
> way
> > I can get httrack to drop the .tmp extension once
> > the page has been parsed, but while the program
> is
> > still running?  Is there any way to know when a
> > particular document is finished parsing?

> Once the file is parsed and all links modified, the
> html is written and the tmp deleted. The links can't
> be modified until after those files are downloaded.

Ah, I see. I may have misunderstood something else I read on the forum. So a
file "foo.html.tmp" is deleted when httrack has finished parsing it, and
foo.html is written, right?
What was confusing me (and still is) is that some of those html.tmp files seem
to remain for an awfully long time (long enough that I thought they were
_never_ getting rewritten as regular .html files, or at least until the
program was finished running.)  So any .html.tmp files I have while the
program is running are still being parsed, and if it's aking a long time for
that to happen, that's because of a backlog in the parser?
Thanks for the assistance,

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