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Subject: case insensitivity problem continued
Author: Jarkko Koski
Date: 10/21/2010 11:57
I previously reported (Sep. 30) about the case insensitivity issue. I noticed
that my previous example worked with the latest httrack, but here's details to
more sophisticated example that still fails.

Files (unix):


Then a symbolic link (to mimic case insensitivity on site)

ln -s nav Nav

In the index.html link to nav/Page.html
In the nav/Page.html point to /nav/L2/i.html
In the nav/Page.html point to /Nav/L2/i.html

Httrack downloads all content ok:


But ignores the fact that it has placed two versions of i.html in different

The links in the Page.html are:
where the latter fails and should be "../Nav/L2/i-2.html"

This has now been tested with 3.43-9C in linux.

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case insensitivity problem continued

10/21/2010 11:57


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