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Subject: Two small problems found (v3.20 RC1)
Author: Leto
Date: 06/20/2002 02:37
With "No external links" selected, links to https site don't work.  In
previous versions, the "https://" and "http://" from URLs were removed.  Now
it seems just "http://" is removed.  It almost works! :)

example -  <>
result - external.html?link=
external.html - <http://https//>

Issue with /../ URLs.  Imagine the page <> has the
following links.  If the link starts with / and then incorrectly points to a
level ABOVE that (using ../), the final captured page will also try to go back
that far.

<a href="../../../">Restricted</a>
<a href="/../../">Not restricted</a>
<a href="/folder/../../">Not restricted</a>

Those links result in:
- external.html?
- C:\my web sites\myProject\
- C:\my web sites\

A link on a webpage should not be allowed to point higher than its base
domain, eg:

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Two small problems found (v3.20 RC1)

06/20/2002 02:37
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